It always happens that the old vacuum cleaner dies at the least opportune moment. You need your house spic and span for company on the weekend, but suddenly, a loud jarring mechanical sound is heard from the old vacuum, and next thing you know you’re waving smoke out of the air, and sweeping up the debris that’s fallen all over the floor. In these instances it’s time to toss the old vacuum cleaner into the trash, and start searching for the best vacuum cleaner.

I didn’t have a lot of time to search for the best vacuum cleaner. It involved me perusing five models at a popular big box store in town. I finally decided on the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright NV356E vacuum cleaner, and brought it home.

With not a moment to spare, I quickly had it set up. The box claimed that this model would be perfect to vacuum stairs, hardwood floors, carpet, furniture, and even the ceiling. I’d been mistaken in my belief that the best vacuum cleaner couldn’t be versatile, but my new vacuum cleaner purchase certainly proved me wrong.


It wasn’t long before the canister filled up, but it still retained the same suction power. This was great as I didn’t have time to empty the canister as four rooms in my home had to be vacuumed as quickly as possible.

I was impressed by the HEPA filter. My old vacuum cleaner would have me sniffling and sneezing, but I could breathe easier with my new Shark Navigator. It contains a washable HEPA filter that screens out dust and allergens, so that only clean air is passed through to the outside.


This vacuum cleaner comes with a power head which is perfect for vacuuming carpets, but another attachable floor head worked better for hardwood floors and tiled floors. On the base of this attachment is a microfiber pad.This attachment is called the Dust-Away hardwood floor attachment. The microfiber pad grabs tiny microparticles that you can’t normally see.

Like most families, we had an assortment of pets, resulting in the constant vacuuming of carpet, couch, and chairs. My Navigator also included a pet tool attachment. It worked great at vacuuming up pet hair that was deeply embedded into the upholstery of my chairs. I was impressed that it didn’t take me half an hour to clean one chair, and that my hands and arms weren’t tired afterwards, even though the furniture looked spotless. I wasn’t even upset when the cats immediately jumped up onto the chair for sleep.

Besides making vacuuming up pet hair simpler, the pet hair and fur didn’t clog up the tools, nor did it wrap itself around the brushes. It made maintenance of the vacuum cleaner much simpler too.

The tubing of the vacuum could also be detached from the main unit. This enabled me to vacuum up the cobwebs that had accumulated in the corners of my room. I was also impressed with how much easier it was to vacuum the stairs.

Once I was done cleaning, I found it easy to detach the canister and empty it into the garbage. This was far easier than messing around with a vacuum cleaner bag. I could even rinse it under the sink to get it clean.


The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright NV356E is priced at around $140, making it an affordable all-purpose vacuum cleaner. You won’t need to purchase a handheld vac as the tubing lifts out from the main unit, and you can add whatever tools you wish. Overall, I think this is one of the best vacuum cleaner on the market today. I was quite happy with my Shark Navigator purchase.


Some people enjoy the routine of cleaning a home but I’m one person who hates it. The sooner it’s done the better, but not only must it look clean, but be disinfected as well to keep the family healthy. Often we learn to clean from our mothers, and that isn’t always the best way to do it. I learned a lot from others on how to best clean my home. Here’s a few things I learned to help you too.

The pros spray cleanser all over surfaces, and then leave to tackle another task. Even though they may use industrial strength cleansers we’d be hesitant to use at home, we can still use our natural cleansers in the same way. So now I spray the bathroom down, go off to vacuum the hallway, and then return several minutes later to wipe down the bathroom. You’ll discover how much more quickly this process goes. Grime and grunge will easily wipe off counters and sinks. The toilet can be quickly scrubbed. Why spend minutes scrubbing it all down, when the cleansers will do the job for you?

Like many people, they chose to clean one room at a time. So, you know what happens. Four hours later you have one room done. How will I get my house clean in time for the weekend visitors? Well, according to experts you’re not supposed to zone clean. Apparently you can get the entire house clean in that four hours spent cleaning one room.

I decided to clean my home through task cleaning first. It begins with a tidy and toss. And then I can take the duster and dust all surfaces throughout the home. The next step is to vacuum the entire house.

The difference in this routine is that instead of tackling all of these chores for one room, you do the tasks for the entire home. Apparently picking up and putting down cleaning supplies and switching back and forth wastes time.

CleaningExperts also say to begin at the top of a room and work your way down. That way dust will fall downwards, which will all eventually be cleaned up by the time you get to the floor. You won’t be re-cleaning spots that you already did first, but then accidentally spilled something else on top and have to do it again.

Besides top to bottom, left to right works well too. This way you’ll remember what you’ve cleaned and won’t accidentally re-clean something you’ve already done.

Be sure to clean the tops of doorways and on tops of shelves. Dust accumulates up there and can actually dirty a room faster if you miss it.

Use two cloths to clean mirrors: one wet and then one dry. Be sure to wash door handles and knobs, locks, and faucets. These are crucial to preventing flu and cold bugs.

During your house cleaning if you forget to do one part don’t worry, as it can be covered next week.